Instagram Promotion Service

Instagram Promotion Service is the world famous Instagram monthly subscription package by global number one viral promotion agency V.V.i.

Also known as “InstaMonth“, our automatic Instagram Promotion Service includes video views, real comments from relevant fans in western countries, and of course real post/photo likes and followers. Quality, relevant engagement by real people interested in your content, all for the one incredibly low 30-day publicity fee.


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Quality Likes

Every post you publish goes straight to the most relevant social media community, resulting in strong performance and engagement at all times.
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Real Followers

Once again top quality of course. You can discuss with us how many and/or how fast/slow you want new followers on board as well.
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Views & Comments

Videos are a strong point with us! You’ll get thousands of video views, and comments from real Instagrammers with something relevant to say!
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Instagram Promotion Service FAQs

How many likes and followers do I get?

As you’ll see in our InstaMonth page, the minimum is 500+ likes per post, and with 5,000+ minimum followers over the 32 days. However, as you become a more regular client with us these numbers will continually rise over time.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a maximum number of three (3) photo posts per day. If you do not post 3 photos per day, we will generate bonus additional followers to make up what you have missed out on.

How many video views will I get?

At least 6000+ video views for each video you post, and as with all our services, as you continue to order from us you move upwards in our system over time – we have some clients enjoying over 15k video views being generated on all the videos they upload to their Instagram page.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a maximum number of one (1) video post per day. Additionally, if you would like to promote a particular video more than the views included in your InstaMonth package, you can buy Instagram video views separately in order to boost that video.

Do I have to keep ordering again at the end of each month, or is there a quarterly or yearly option?

However many months you wish to purchase, simply select the correct quantity number of the service. If you wish to purchase a full year, please note that your 12th month is free so you only need to purchase 11 quantities of the service in order to have it run for a 12 month period.

What if I don't want any Instagram followers?

That’s fine just let us know in the order notes at the Checkout (where you provide your account link/info) or by email once you have placed your order and we can increase the promotion in another area for you. For example, you may want a stronger focus on likes or comments, and not receive any followers, etc.


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